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A friend was going through a challenging time and I started texting her positive messages. The messages evolved into little designed pieces of art. My friend came to anticipate the daily mood boosts and eventually said, "this should be an app!" Ta-da! The Goodthoughts Club was born.

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cell phone white line.png

We're crazy and we spend hours creating unique art for each message. That means no templates or generic backgrounds. 

We hope to share messages that people can apply to real life challenges and goals. Neither preachy or cliché, Goodthoughts tries to pull you back into the moment and help you shift your day.

Goodthoughts has a little shop where you can find our most popular messages designed onto t-shirts, greeting cards, phone cases and other fun stuff. The more positive thoughts out in the world, the better!

Goodthoughts is a labor of love kept alive and thriving by a small group of people that believe in its purpose: help people change their thoughts, and anything is possible. A simple little app that asks for 5 seconds of your day to interrupt the unconscious chatter in our heads and help us choose how we want to see the world.

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Sarah Davis
Founder + Art Director

I grew up to be an art director and have been exploring creative communication for 30+ years. My lifelong curiosity about how and why humans connect led me to visual communication. The other puzzle that consumed me, like most people, was trying to understand the meaning of being alive. And after many years of reading self-help books, attending classes and participating in various groups, I finally recognized that we determine the meaning of our lives. Goodthoughts is inspired by this recognition and my hope is that the messages help others think more clearly and feel more positive — even if it's just for a moment.

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Germaine Gioia
Founder + Visionary

I entered the video game industry by happenstance in the ‘90s and have enjoyed being a part of  the industry's continuous evolution ever since.  My focus has been in licensing – identifying top lifestyle brands and packaging them with the latest interactive technologies, across a variety of consumer product categories. Sarah and I originally met in college, but in one of life’s perfect coincidences, we reconnected over a shared vision that became Goodthoughts – a beautifully designed mobile app, connected to merchandise, to create one elegant platform designed to motivate and bring joy.  I’m grateful to see Goodthoughts so well suited to these unusual times, and to this devoted team who have brought it to life. 

Alex photo new.png
Alex Pronin
Developer + Project glue

Full-stack Developer in Berlin, Germany. Originally from small and beautiful city in Ukraine-Kamyanets-Podilsky. Passionate about mobile (iOS) and server-side (Node.js) development. Also interested in DepOps, Docker and Kubernetes. Likes travels, various music, books and TV series (like “Expanse”, "Dark" and "Babylon Berlin").

anissa new.jpg
Anissa Fiore
Big Idea Trail Blazer

(Anissa's been out on the trail wresslin' up cool ideas for Goodthoughts! Her bio is coming soon :)

lisa new.png
Lisa Burdeniuk
UX Designer

I'm a Product Designer in Berlin. My emphasis is on keeping designs aesthetically pleasing and useful. I'm in love with empowering psychology, cats and Italy. My beliefs include that summer is life and everybody deserves tenderness and self-acceptance.

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