Why'd you start Goodthoughts Club?

We were overwhelmed by all the negativity on social media. We started texting each other positive messages and when we stopped, we missed those mood boosts. Ta-da! The Goodthoughts app was born.

This is a transcript from our imaginary interview with Oprah

Why an app to deliver positive messages?

We spend our lives on the phone. Maybe that's why we're stressed. But no one is going to give up their phone so it made sense to enter the belly of the beast and try to reach people in the midst of their frantic days.

neural pathways are strengthened into habits through the repetition + practice of thinking, feeling + acting.

What is the purpose?

To help people shift their thinking to be more positive, kind and self-aware. Goodthoughts isn't a course or an organized practice. There's no big commitment or processes to learn — it's just an interruption of our regular (oftentimes negative) thought streams. We left it simple and quick because that's how people interact with their phones. Maybe it could be thought of as mindfulness for unfocused people :)

Does it work?

We have zero official data but it's worked for us and our small and growing Goodthoughts Club. The most common theme is that it can reset a mood and then affect the rest of the day. Other users describe how they scroll through the library of artful messages to find the thought that speaks to their need. And of course, users send messages to friends and spread the good vibes on social media — simple short messages that offer an alternative to the tsunami of stress and negativity.

Where do you hope to go with Goodthoughts?

We have lots of ideas for improving Goodthoughts to help people get off of auto-pilot. We're also starting to put the art and messages on various types of merchandise like T's, pillows, posters, hoodies and mugs. The idea is to get as many eyeballs and hearts absorbing goodthoughts as possible so that more of us start to feel a little kinder, calmer and self-aware. A crazy huge dream but we hold onto the ideal that when you change your thoughts, you can change everything.