The Goodthoughts app sends you colorful, inspirational art everyday.
Messages that can help shift your thinking to be more positive, kind and self-aware.
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How it works

    You wake up, start the coffee, feed the dog, grab your phone — the mind starts spinning.

    Your presentation is lame. Your insurance is going up. The amazon is on fire. Your new boss is a micro-manager. You just snapped at your kids and you haven't worked out in a month.

    And then, your Goodthought pops up.

    Your mind stops racing and you take in the message. You start watching the stream of stress rather than being pulled by it. The pause has enabled you to choose another way to think and feel. And sometimes, just a pause can change your whole day.

gonna be chill today

the most popular 
are designed onto merchandise

ABOUT is a modern spin on inspirational art to help people shift their thinking to be more positive, kind and self-aware.



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